Experience Collective Care.

Attending to the spirits of street health, harm reduction, community and social service workers in Ottawa.

Welcome to Soul Space

Soul Space is a collective of community members and the faith community at First United Church who aim to attend to the spiritual care needs of street health, harm reduction, community and social service workers in Ottawa.

Supporting our
Front Line Workers

In Spring 2022, we received a generous grant from the Ottawa Community Foundation to evaluate the impact of Soul Space retreats on frontline workers and the organizations that they work for. In short, the impact was incredibly positive, but for more information, read the Impact Report.

Soul Space members working on a team activity on a Soul Space retreat.

Donations Always appreciated

We welcome support in many ways, including offerings financial support, gifts for frontline workers, or sharing of your skills and abilities.

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Soul Space members on a walk through the forest enjoying tea.
Soul Space members during a retreat. Team member with a Soul Space shirt is leading the session.

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You Need

We continuously make an effort to keep resources up to date to get you the support you need. You're never alone.

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What participants say about their Soul Space experience

The most at rest and peaceful I’ve felt all year. From beginning to end, a safe space, non judgemental, made it easy for myself to open up and be vulnerable. I feel so grateful and privileged to have had this experience. I thought all aspects of the day were well organized and thought out. Every presenter who guided us through the day was phenomenal. I enjoyed how much time we had to explore the amazing space of the Gaia wellness retreat. Thank you so much for providing such a peaceful space for black women.


Whew! This was an experience. “I needed this” is magically an understatement. Being able to be still, present with myself, away from my work is just what i needed. My work is so important but sometimes so much and i never give myself the permission to take a break because i feel so guilty but today, i got permission. Permission to be, to exist, to rest, to talk about wellness, to connect with my mental wellness. Thank you Soul Space, thank you ACO. I needed this. Thank you.


When I share with my friends and colleagues that Soul Space is for frontline workers by frontline workers, they all think it’s an awesome idea. Little do they know, the retreats are so much more than just an idea. The weekend retreat was something I didn’t know I needed so much. A chance to get away, disconnect, be with myself. Enjoy being out in nature, taking advantage of offerings I don’t make time for in the day to day. I cannot say thank you enough for this opportunity. A special shout out as well to the chef behind all of the fantastic meals!


How you can help

Financial donations are always welcome to support frontline workers' participation in Soul Space offerings at little to no cost to them. Your financial contribution is tax-deductible and can be a one-time or ongoing pledge of support. 

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