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Mental Health Supports for Frontline Workers

These resources are tailored to Frontline Street Health and Harm Reduction Workers.


Counselling Connect

Quick access to a free phone or video counselling session, available in English and French.

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Prompt Care Clinic

Provides specialized mental health assessment and brief therapy for individuals with moderate illness.

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TEND Academy

Offers training and resources that address the natural consequences of working in a high-stress, trauma-exposed workplace.

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Wellness Together Canada

Find communities of support for mental health and substance use.

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The 12 Stages of Burnout

Identifying where you are in the 12 stages of Burnout is the first step to taking action to better your mental wellness.

The 12 Stages of Burnout diagram.

Responding to Death & Darkness

When frontline workers respond to the opioid epidemic/poisonings, they are experiencing tragic deaths. This is very different from death as a part of life, where it can be meaningful and dignified. It is important for workers to differentiate between death from overdoses and death as a part of life, and to map our cultural, spiritual, familial, family of choice’s and social networks’ responses to death.

In this video, Vikki Reynolds speaks with Sacha Médiné, Cori Kelly & Tara Taylor about practices of responding to the tragic deaths from the opioid catastrophe that are accurately described by Donald MacPherson, ED of the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, as deaths by bad drug policy, thus they are political deaths.

How you can help

Financial donations are always welcome to support frontline workers' participation in Soul Space offerings at little to no cost to them. Your financial contribution is tax-deductible and can be a one-time or ongoing pledge of support. 

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